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Alice in Wonderland

Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Michael Sheen, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Crispin Glover, Christopher Lee, Stephen Fry

trailer for Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton, screenplay, inspired by Lewis Carroll (2010)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Lucian Velea
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Magic in the Moonlight

Cast: Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater, Jacki Weaver, Erica Leerhsen, Eileen Atkins, Simon McBurney

trailer for Magic in the Moonlight, directed by Woody Allen, screenplay by (2014)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Veronica Serbanoiu
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